Unifi is the latest  High Speed Broadband service hit the market, and many people, companies, and non-profit organizations are switching their broadband services to Unifi as a result. If you have not yet heard of Unifi, then you need to learn about this up and coming company, and why it has gotten such stellar ratings from so many different people.
This service come with 3 different packages for Home and Business. Bandwidth delivery at network speeds of 5Mbps, 10Mbps and 20Mbps.

All the Home packages bundled with TM Fixed line telephone.There is no separate charge for TM fixed line rental. You just need to pay a single monthly subscription fee for both the services and enjoy Call Plan offerings as below:

Unlimited Calls to TM Fixed Line Nationwide! ( Home Package )
As Low As 10 sen/minute to All Mobile Lines!!  

UniFi Home Users Package 


 ** The Minimum subscription for UniFi Services is 24 Months.**

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UniFi Business Users

TM’s UniFi high speed broadband service brings you the worlds of Internet and Phone for your greater business advancement. For your reference, the packages you see here are termed ‘BIZ’, developed specially for businesses, and the associated numbers indicate the download speed.

Enjoy Calls to TM Fixed Line Nationwide for Only 5 sen/minute and 15 sen/minute to All Mobile and Other Fixed Line Operators!!

With Internet speeds up to 20Mbps and Phone (Voice service). UniFi will revolutionise the way your business performs. Enjoy Unlimited Bandwidth. No Capping on Downloads/Uploads or Speed.

 **The Minimum subscription for UniFi Services is 24 Months.**

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Why Register Online with Us (AUTHORISED SALES AGENT)?

1. Applying Online and Applying at TMPoint is the Same
- No upfront payment and no hidden fees
- All fees will be billed by TM after your installation is completed and the Unifi service is activated

2. You will be provided with a new Telephone No.

3. No need to queue up at TMPoint
- Time saving and cost saving

4. Apply anytime you want to, wherever you are! We are Open 24 hours a day, 7days a week!

5. Your application will be processed immediately and you will be informed the next working day.



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Email : Apply@UniFiBroadband.Biz

Call : 1300-88-1221

TM's UniFi High Speed broadband service brings you the world of Video, Internet and Phone for your enjoyment. For easy reference, the packages you see here are termed “V” for Video, “I” for Internet and “P” for Phone, while numbers indicate the download speeds.

This is a new service provided by TM Net Sdn Bhd, an Internet Service Provider in Malaysia.

UniFi is a new high speed broadband service based on the latest fiber optic (fully digital) and Very High Speed DSL technologies. It will able to support data bandwidth of up to 20Mbps currently for Internet, Voice and IPTV applications. Now you can enjoy downloads of up 120 GBs* per month and download music, video and files in a little as 8 secs for 5Mb MP3 file.
Enjoy the best online experience as never before. Watch Youtube videos without the breaks and pauses. Save time when you need to download files, run Windows updates 20X* faster than before. Video Skype your friends and have jitter-free video conversations. Tune in to Facebook and watch the photos and videos literally pop out instantly. Register Unifi Today!